When you desire to wind down after a day of touring the exquisite locations of Nogales, retreat to the calm and peaceful guestrooms of Siesta Motel. We understand that all our guests are equally important and various requirements of different guests should be equally met. Accessibility is one of the primary factors of a functional room. Guests with different needs are provided with a range of accessibility features in their rooms such as:


  • Our motel offers Wheelchair Accessible (ramped) entrance for rooms, restrooms, lobby, etc. 
  • Braille Sign Boards at various points in the motel and rooms.
  • Garb Bars are fitted alongside Toilets and Bath Tubs.
  • Lower hand-held shower nozzle for easier reach.
  • The light switches and power outlets are installed at mid-height level.
  • The bathrooms and toilets have accessible doors, ample turning space, and benches.
  • Lower storage cabinets with ample space.
  • The furniture in the rooms has smartly set so that it does not block access to temperature controls or curtain handles.


Our 24-hr reception services are available to make your stay all the more comfortable. If you have
any query, then you can speak with one of our representatives anytime. Call us (520) 287-4671


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