Welcome to Siesta Motel

Conveniently located nearly a 1 mile away from the border of Mexico. We believe in offering our guests with a warm welcome and an unforgettable experience that lasts with them all their life. Our 24-hour front desk service looks after the comfort of guests and makes sure that their stay is pleasant and comfortable. Budget-friendly, family friendly and pet-friendly, Siesta Motel is the ultimate address for a tension free,
unwinding vacation.

The Motel offers 50 rooms with elegant wooden décor and seating area that is equipped with a microwave and small refrigerator. We ensure that our guests have the most relaxing experience of their stay with us. The immaculate individual air-conditioned & heating guestrooms come with free Wi-Fi and Smoke detector with Carbon Monoxide. Guests are served a continental breakfast with juice, and doughnuts. Denny’s restaurant is just next door from the hotel. Amenities like outdoor swimming pool help our guests relax. We also offer a business center with fax and photocopy services.

Various tourist places in the city are a short drive away. The famous Pimeria Alta Historical Museum is an only 3-minute drive away from our hotel. With a 20-minute drive, you can reach the Patagonia Lake State Park and the Jesse Hendrix Hummingbird Ranch.

Si Ablamos Espanol.

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